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Go is an ancient, subtly beautiful game of territory.   But with its nearly endless possibilities and challenges, it is more than just another game; it is a way of life for tens of millions of players throughout the world.   Embodying four thousand years of Oriental thought and culture, go is the oldest game in the world still played in its original form.

Go is the kind of game that one can learn in a day – and spend a lifetime perfecting.   It is more art than acience: in order to surround and capture the opponent’s territory, one needs intuition, flexibility, and acute perception combined with a sharp analytical mind.   Each player is a partner in an exercise of coexistence; each player needs the other for self-enlightenment and for enjoyment.   But then, too, go is a game whose strategy has been compared to the tactics of guerrilla warfare.   Go can be all things to all people; it is simple, elegant, and unexpectedly beautiful.

This book contains an introducion; a brief example game; a clear, leisurely explanation of the rules; and illustrations of the simplest techniques of good play and of some easy and some more difficult problems the player will encounter.   The appendixes include a concise list of rules, a glossary of technical go terms, and list of international an American go organizations.   Among go players, Go for Beginners is known as the best beginner’s book avaiable.


– Preface
– Introducion
– Part I: The Rules of Go
# Chapter 1: Demonstration Game
# Chapter 2: Capture, Liberties, Solidly Connected Stones, Suicide is Ilegal, Ko, Life and Death, False eyes and Seki.
– Part II: Elementary Tactics and Strategy
# Chapter 3: At the Edge of the Board
# Chapter 4: Shicho
# Chapter 5: Geta and Loose Shicho
# Chapter 6: Semeai
# Chapter 7: Snap-back and Shortage of Liberties
# Chapter 8: Life and Dearth, Eye Shape, The Death Blow from Within, The Death Blow from Without, Cutting Points, Throw-in Plays, Me Ari Me Nashi, and Bent Four in the Corner.

# Chapter 9: General Strategy, The Corners are Important, Shimari, Extensions, Kakari, The 3-3 Point Invasion, Hasami, Make Territory While Attacking, and Thickness.

# Chapter 10: Ranks and Handicaps / Improving One’s Playing Ability

# Chapter 11: Example Game

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